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James Bond, Mr. T, Bill Gates, Darth Vader, Cool Hand Luke, Katey Sagal
 Michael Jordan, Benjamin Sisko, The Terminator, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Heidi Klum, Dawn, Batman, and John Belushi's ghost all drink Suburban Vamps brand beer!
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I think I know that guy on the cover! The Road Rash: Jailbreak CD Hey, who's that at number two?

The Vamps Publicity Picture
This is the very same picture that goes into the Vamps' press kits

Quadmania, where it was 100 degrees. . . Live Pics . . .and aaron kicked over his water as he ran up on stage.
Hanging out, having fun and playing rock & roll.

Tony Tony Tony
Darren Darren Darren
Darren belts one out Bad guitar, BAD guitar! Mikes' disembodied head What IS that up there?