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New Suburban Vamps CD available!

The newest Suburban Vamps release, "Gravest Hits" is now available. The 4th release by the Vamps,
it contains all the "gravest hits" from the band's previous three releases, as well as a previously
unreleased song, "Can't Wait Around".
"Gravest Hits" can be purchased online through
CD Baby or in our online Store.

"Vampire Girl" in new film!

The Vamps crossover hit "Vampire Girl" has been included in the U.K. cult comedy vampire film "The Vampires of Bloody Island". Writer/Producer Allin Kempthorne has informed us that "Vampire Girl" will be in the film twice - once during the movie, and again over the credits. be sure to purchase your copy of "Vampires of Bloody Island" today!

For more info on the film and Wibbell Productions, click the logo!