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Bass Wanted

The newspaper at that started it all! Darren replied to this ad for a band "exhuming bass players". After that band split, the Suburban Vamps were born!


Performing to 15.000 people at Quadmania '97.

Vampires of Bloody island

Did you know "Vampire Girl" was in the movie "Vampires of Bloody Island"? You should check it out!

Cracker Barrel?

In another Cracker Barrel, somewhere in Syracuse.

Bleed for rock n roll!

What happens when you play a Suburban Vamps gig without a wristband.

Press Photo

An old promo photo, taken at the old Route 40 drive-in in Maryland.


Recording a new Suburban Vamps CD!


We're always needing guitar refrets...

Soundcheck time!



Darren looks out over the crowd.

New tune!

The final tracks on a new Suburban Vamps song!


Vampy head stickers. Who wants one??

Additional logo

Artwork by Chard!

Vamp amps!

Our old battle scarred amps! Tony's old Musicman 75 (complete with bat from a box of Count Chocula) and Darren's Ampeg SVT.


Loitering around Darren's bass amp before soundcheck.

Killin' time...

Darren kills time in the club's green room before a gig.

Waiting for showtime

The worst part of playing live? The "hurry up and wait for showtime" part.

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