Vampire Girl
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Im looking for a Vampire girl
To darken up my netherworld
Shed sleep all day and awake each night
To fill my heart with ghoulish delight

With a Vampire girl life would be so fine
Wed burn black candles and drink red wine
Shed treat me right and never be mean
And every day would be Halloween

With my vampire girl

Vampire Girl

My vampire girl would be so sweet
A nightly game of trick or treat
On moonlit nights wed stay in my room
And all year long shed be in costume

With pale white skin and long black hair
Id take my Vamp girl everywhere
My friends and family would no longer know me
Id be her little Bela Lugosi

My vampire girl

Vampire girl

My Vampire girl would marry me
In a midnight graveyard ceremony
Id keep her safe from Holy water
Wed have a little Vampire daughter

My vampire girl would never leave
And only from me would she feed
For eternity I know I'd have her
Shed be  my lovely lady cadaver

My Vampire Girl

Vampire Girl

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